Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

Create, deploy and manage Smart Contracts with a click.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Raising capital for your startup or project by creating, selling and distributing your own branded crypto tokens. Our Ethereum Smart Contract support both private and public ICOs.


Promote your brand or project by running a sweepstake or lottery on Blockchain. Sweepstakes help increase your mailing list and generate new leads in your sales funnel.


Remove all border and geographical restrictions and fund your upcoming project or startup in cryptocurrency. Allow large number of people to fund your project in small amount.


Every Smart Contract comes with the following robust features.

Stand Alone website

Every Smart Contract comes with a stunning stand alone website with Social Media marketing plugins. Express your project, startup, or event in a crisp free videos, images, text, audio and PDF files. CoinIgniter handle all the hosting, traffic and maintenance for your website.

KYC feature

Get in compliance with the law and know your customers. Ensure a smooth, safe and easy whitelisting experience by leveraging our backend tools to accept or reject their participation.

Marketing Tools

Each Smart Contract comes with a robust, secure and intelligent affiliate and referral marketing tools. Utilize these tools and reach many people in a cost-effective and efficient manners.

“All the tools that CoinIgniter has given to me right at my finger tips has made it so easy for me to take an idea from concept to an actual product that I can deliver to so many people.”

Paul Green



You don’t need any prior programming, website hosting, cryptography or blockchain experience. We connect the dots for you with our powerful, robust and scalable platform.

BASIC (free)

All the basics for starting a new project.

  • 1 smart contract deployement.

  • Allows 1 Admin.

  • Free website hosting.


Enhance your blockchain footprint with multiple D-Apps.

  • 3 smart contracts deployment.

  • Unlimited Admins.

  • Free Website Hosting.


Everything you need for growing your brand.

  • 10 smart contracts deployment.

  • Unlimited Admins.

  • Free Website Hosting.


Advanced marketing tools for your imminent success.

  • Ulimited smart contracts deployment.

  • Whitelisting Enabled.

  • Affiliate Marketing Tool.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is CoinIgniter?

CoinIgniter is the platform that help you create, deploy and manage your ICOs by creating your own branded Tokens. No programming experience is required.

What is CoinIgniter?

CoinIgniter is the platform that help you create, deploy and manage your ICOs by creating your own branded Tokens. No programming experience is required.

What is ICO?

ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offerings. It means that a company offers investors some units of a new cryptocrurrency in a form of BitCoin and Ethereum.

What is a Token?

Token is one unit of a digital asset that can be exchanged over immutable blockchain. It can also be referred as a coin.

Why should I create my own branded Tokens?

With the advent of Blockchain, companies need a bridge to blockchain and digital assets technology. Token is one unit of an asset that can be used by companies and consumers to take certain actions. CoinIgniter helps companies create these tokens.

What is the payment model of CoinIgniter?

Its very simple, 0.2 ETH for ICO review and deployment and 5% of the funds raised upon completion.

How does funding work in CoinIgniter platform?

At the moment, we only support Flex funding. It means, you own all the funds even if the project funding amount haven't reached. We will soon have a token for crowdsale as well.

Why you are charging fees for deploying a contract?

It takes real ether (money) to deploy a contract. An average price to deploy a contract is about $40-$50 USD. Rest of the money is man hour fees for reviewing the ICOs and making our platform free from scams.

Do you plan to support other platforms like NEO?

Yes, we do. Our next target will be NEO.

Will you help in the marketing of my ICO?

We will give you landing page for your ICO that you have to market yourself on different channel.